How to distinguish true and false in Australia OMEGA watch? .

In this chapter, I must say is. All false cases cited in this article are suspect cases. All the cases have not been OMEGA official proof. Therefore, we can not talk about whether the suspect is a true false leave the watch, but this article only to initiate the model, hoping to give more friends in Australia to buy a watch that advice. If you have any questions about this article, please leave a message. Many friends travel to Australia, want to buy a souvenir back. Among the many gifts, designer watches is naturally one of the choices. replica watches uk this brand though does not belong to the scope of super-class, but with its classic design, and in the great James Bond film promotion, its influence will never be under any super-class watches. Today we are mainly to discuss the model for the 2531.80.00, one to Bond Seamaster for the Omega Omega Men's watches in the sea. In the movie, the betrayed agent took Bond's new watch in comparison James prepares to use the special features described above. First, let us look at the real goods look. This number is 2531.80.00 is a mechanical automatic watch. Mechanical energy can be stored about 44 hours. Watch surface with anti-reflective design, scratch-resistant crystal mirror. Strap with stainless steel strap, blue dial. Underwater waterproof depth of 300 meters. It is the reason why the fame is because it is 007 in 1995, the golden eye inside, because Pierce Brosnan played 007 called in the minds of most like 007 actor, so this section OMEGA also worth double. For the watch positive, in fact, there is nothing to say. Most piracy is done well. If even the front are doing well, it would not sell out? Genuine positive: Counterfeit positive However, if we turn the rolex replica back. The answer is revealed. Let's take a look at the back of the counterfeit. In the first sight, it seems really good. Work well, clear pattern. Not much of a problem. However, if you compare the authentic back, you can immediately find a huge difference. First of all, the most obvious is that the back of the genuine OMEGA company has a new anti-counterfeit labels. One is not a laser but an engraved carved icon. We look at the magnification. This icon is a mark of OMEGA and a 3D look of the composition of the Earth. Although it is not clear why this process is very difficult, so OMEGA can be used to do the security tag. However, it is clear that piracy does not have this mark. Let us look at other details. Please look at the keyhole and dial center position. Obviously, the location of the more authentic by the inside. The pirated watch belongs to the most common location. Let us look at the two watch strap buckle. Genuine with digital. The buckle in the strap is a good digital proof of the good. Of course, different OMEGA may have different numbers of positions. Some are in the middle, some are left and right sides. However, this laser engraving is bound to exist. (I ran a few watch stores, to be confirmed) This is the rolex replica watches movement. False watch is absolutely not. Unfortunately, when buying watches, can not open the verification. Price issue: In general, the price of false watches is always half of genuine, or lower. Some people say that the lowest minimum OMEGA watch the genuine price, that is, playing a 7 fold. In general, can not be less than 7 fold to you. Unless it is very old and not popular models.